Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm hoping Wisconsinites will be able to share their GrassRoots TV ideas on this blog.  Over 600 people from around the state have already visited our GrassRoots TV WI website.  Join this homemade, people-powered movement!

This blog is devoted exclusively to GrassRoots TV.  All comments will be moderated within 24 hours.  All comments and posts appropriate to GrassRoots TV will be published within 24 hours.  

This is a public blog, and you may not wish to expose your name and email address.  We are in search of ideas, not names.

Please feel free to comment anonymously, but please include your WI location.


A K said...

The web site is looking great and it's wonderful that the idea can be shared throughout the land.
I don't know if anybody still reads the postings and group notifications on Craig's List, but I was thinking that could be a good way for people to spread the word. Obviously polite manners and maintaining safety is primary when on Craig's List. I also wonder if groups who have bulk purchased sign materials could use CL to break up the order and get it out to the public. GRTV signs available for donation.Or if there are people who want to make signs for others through some kind of safe meet-up. Freecycle Madison could also be a venue for this kind of thing. Safety First!
Many hands will make light work in the defeat of Scott Walker.

GrassRoots TV WI said...

Thanks for these creative ideas. I agree on the need for prudence and safety. I look forward to hearing more ideas and seeing some photos of GrassRoots TV signs around the state.

AK said...

Today's piece in the Cap Times has good sign potential. John W.Dean said,“As I said in my column, I find Walker more Nixonian than Nixon, meaning that Nixon did not always live up to his reputation, but Walker never seems to fall short of the Nixonian standard. … Walker is a power-abuser like Nixon.”

I don't know how to put that on our signs. Maybe "Walker: More Nixonian than Nixon-John Dean" Or "A Vote for Walker is like a Vote for Nixon".

GrassRoots TV WI said...

How about this?

Grass Roots TV
"Walker is a power-abuser..."
John Dean

Of course, lots of people don't know who John Dean is, but for those who do, it may have an impact.

Anonymous said...

Fool me once, Shame on you Walker
Fool me twice, shame on me
not waiting for the indictment
recall Walker now

AK McFarland said...

Did I just hear Matt Rothschild talking about making signs during an interview on 92.1?

GrassRoots TV WI said...

I wasn't listening, but I hope you're right. I've posted our link on the Overpass Light Brigade Facebook page. They're getting a lot of well-deserved attention. I'm hoping they can help us get some too. Thanks so much for your interest!